Regular service of preventive attendance which  includes a report of every  conveyor belt showing both the current problems and the solution proposals in order to avoid future incidents.

Our staff is highly qualified to develop the preventive maintenance tasks. This  is a regular service and our staff will go to our customer facilities in order to check the belt´s conditions, clasifiying them and making a report of each of them. In this way, we check de belt´s conditions and the problems it may have, proposing an effective solution  aswell as anticipating to near problems the belt can produce.

Conveyor belts


Attendances to resolve any problem when the customer has any incident in the installation. Our team will attend the client at any moment  be required.

With the experience we have, we will provide fix solutions to our client to avoid certain problems, aswell as to suggest the product we think best suits the client´s facilities.


Giving advise and working with our clients in the 3 steps of the proccess: planification, installation and set up. Our growth is based on our team work and profesionality.  Our team is highly qualified and is integrated by proffesionals of engineerings, laboratory, prevention and safety, production…

Our teams and machinery are in the lead of the vulcanization sector, avoiding time loss when they are working and allowing to make complex installations.

The main puropose of this, is that our clients go back to regular activity as soon as posible.